Enseada has begun in a way at least curious. One of its members, Maria Elena, influenced by her Rio de Janeiro friends, created one of the first bikinis to be used in Arraial do Cabo in the 60s, then a small fishing village. The bikini was made of a white thick fabric, with a foam bra model and very large panties, but daring for the time. Besides the bikini, she has worn a hat and low shorts.
She did not imagine that her destiny would be there. About 35 years later, Enseada was created, a beachwear and street wear company. Nowadays, Enseada has 4 points of sale, all in Cabo Frio, and distributes its beautiful pieces in multi-brand stores all over the country as well exports them to other countries. The brand also has an online store and WhatsApp customer service for clients who cannot be present in their points of sales and want a more personalized attendance.
Enseada has already participated in the Rio Fashion Business event in more than 10 editions, has been to Yes International Fair of Spain and had their bikinis exposed in Magic Fair in the United States. The company has already won some awards, the first, in 2003, when it received the award for its beautiful Rio Export development as and Export Company. In 2004, its manager, Hellen, was invited to give a talk about Enseada case of success in the BNDES, at the 76th ENCOMEX, in Rio de Janeiro, with an audience of approximately 600 people. In 2005, the Company received an honorable mention in the trade category in the TOP CORPORATE award, sponsored by SEBRAE, FIRJAN, GERDAU GROUP and government of the State of Rio de Janeiro.
In 2006, the company excelled on winning regional awards: Portuguese Vitrine and Entrepreneurs Women offered by the city of Cabo Frio and ACIA , respectively. At the state level, the company had won the Honorable Mention Top Business in trade, again, beyond the Retail Seal where it also received an honorable mention in an event in which there were 60 participants assessed by SEBRAE, Commercial Association of Rio de Janeiro and COPPEAD. The Company realized a fashion show at the Cabo Frio transatlantic terminal to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the bikini, doing a remake of the main icons that represented the bikinis for decades. More than 400 guests attended the event, with the presence of the famous fashion journalist Iesa Rodrigues. 
In 2007, Enseada received an honorable mention in the Top Business Award developed by SEBRAE, FIRJAN, State Government of Rio de Janeiro. In Carioca Attitude award, sponsored by CAERJ, Enseada was among the three finalists. The Company showed its collection in Super Pop TV program with the presenter Luciana Gimenez, in 2009 and 2010! In 2013, the soap opera "Salve Jorge" had Enseada pieces worn by the beautiful actress Bruna Marquezine. The artist wore the swimsuit Resort (a one-piece item in textured fabric with front tying straps) and two bikinis! The scenes with the bikinis were shared on various websites and blogs! And, at last, in 2014, our Facebook page reached more than 100,000 fans.
The Company's mission is to develop unique and unforgettable swimwear! Making moments of pleasure special and unique!! The result can be seen in very special collections, focused on design, great modeling, comfort, charm and sophistication. The brand has two lines: the special one, which is the DNA of the brand, has exclusive prints and classic and at the same time modern models, where the brand tries to reinvent itself while keeping its "best-sellers" in all collections!  In its last two collections the brand created a "Premium" line with the development of unique pieces with high added value, with differentiated modeling, focusing on a Fashion Beach Resort – Chic Seaside. Let's check the Collections page!